Prime Roads

we are committed to total transparency about our products.

The company’s operations began in 2014 with a goal of pan India sales and exports to other countries. In 2016 we started our 2nd manufacturing facility in Faridabad, becoming the only thermoplastic road marking manufacturer with 2 units in India. Production methodology is always followed for the best end product results. Our well experienced technical team has pioneered in providing on-site services.

We have our own godowns all over India so that the client receives the benefit of direct purchase. While avoiding the mediators in selling our products the client needn’t pay excess margins and can save huge costs.

Integrity, honesty & consistency, and innovation has always been our business ethics. Moving forward in time we have our new launch of prime paints Pvt ltd; in which you will get all types of paint in any customized colours.

Prime paints Pvt ltd will access with paints that will be used for decorative and different applications. Let it be any sector or surface, prime paints will promise to be a one-stop solution for any type of paint.

Our Mission

Remarkable quality and significant growth is a key factor to survival in the market. Prime roads focuses on growing with a healthy competition and the best quality of paint and services. The mission is to manufacture products at a cost-efficient price without compromising the quality. Environment factors and governmental policies are fulfilled in production. Testings of raw materials and finished goods are carried out in the lab to make sure quality is ensured. Worldwide, reach, Integrity, Honesty, Transparency with customers, Remarkable on-site services, Product innovation, Cost-efficient Eco-friendly production & products.

Our Vision

Vision is to expand and adapt to the changing environment by following the latest practices and making innovative products. By avoiding margin for error we promise to deliver products as per customers requirements and compliance. The vision is to utilize our team for expanding into specialty paint and other sectors that will be related to road safety and infrastructure. Prime paints is formed with a vision to deliver all the specialty paints for almost every sector and industry. Paints will be own manufactured, eco-friendly, and lead-free.

Certificates & Awards

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